Turbina model Pana Max
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Ime: Misko
Mesto: Beograd
Cena: 65 €
Datum: 10.03.2018. u 21:56
Pregledano: 230
Slika: Turbina model Pana Max

Stomatoloska turbina na dugme bez svetla, izuzetno prakticna. Najbolja cena na oglasima. 

- Pana Max high speed handpiece 
- 4 hole standard push button handpiece 
- It has unique appearance design and fluent outline. 
- Smooth as silk, it has excellent texture. 
- With people-friendly design, easy for operation. 
- With best quality cartridge, easier for cleaning. 
- With high-speed turbine rotation, it has better performances. 
- Chucking power of chucking needle is 20N-45N. 
- It is noise-free and stable. 
- Applicable Bur: 1.6mm and should be conformed to ISO standard. 
- Idling speed of handpiece should be no less than 370,000 rotations under working air pressure of 25-30 pressure atmosphere. 
- Special for operations such as clamping high-speed dentistry machine needle to drill and grind teeth in department of stomatology, it is more professional. 
- It is only for people who have dentistry medical qualification.